2023-01-09 - Clade 0.2

A bug fix release.


Filename Description Windows binaries without installer
clade-0.2-linux-x64-qt.tar.gz Linux x64 binaries (Qt)
clade-0.2-src.tar.gz The source code (tar gz) The source code (zip)

2022-04-02 - A New Text Editor

After implementing various ideas to my own programming language (sum types, block oriented expressions, ...) , I wanted to try it through a real project, so I rewrote a new text editor based on Code Browser. In the end I've reverted almost every experiments from my language but the editor remains.


Filename Description Windows binaries without installer
clade-0.1-linux-x64-qt.tar.gz Linux x64 binaries (Qt)
clade-0.1-src.tar.gz The source code (tar gz) The source code (zip)

Changes Compared to Code Browser

The major changes

What's Removed



There are still a global-config and a user-config file for options, but the program don't search for additional files in a directory anymore. Instead, additional option files must be explicitely included using the 'use' keyword.



This editor is named Clade and has version number 0.1; this is no longer Code Browser since it removes important features such as links and scripting.

It is an experimental version, not only the internal text model has been heavily rewritten to support line numbers and global syntax highlighting, but the program is written on a new major version of my experimental programming language. The program may not be very stable yet and will need to be fixed over the next months.

The support of multi-cursor is very basic and is limited to the current section only, but the editor provides other methods to do mass edits:

The high DPI support on Windows is partial: moving the window between monitors of differents DPI won't resize the fonts and icons. If you change the DPI of a monitor, you'll have restart the application to take changes into account.

Clade is a minimalist editor. I have no plan to extend it much and it will be likely the successor of Code Browser.

2021-10-14 - Code Browser 8.0 Released

This major release simply introduces the new window model as demonstrated in the 7.5.10 preview.

It is a major version because the behavior of windows is different and you may prefer to stay with version 7 but the configuration is unchanged; to recover your configuration, copy the files to the new directory (~/.config/code-browser-7/* to ~/.config/code-browser-8).