2020-05-01 - Qt Port in Progress

A beta version of Code Browser for Qt is available for download. It's stable enough to be released, but a graphical user interface is never a simple thing, expect quirks with inputs, keyboard focus or display.

Everything is implemented except the support of primary selection and the single application mode.

Filename Description
code-browser-7.1.20-linux-x64-qt.tar.gz Qt Linux x64 binaries
code-browser-7.1.20-src.tar.gz The source code (tar gz format)

The Windows version still uses the native API, it does not use Qt yet. The GtK+ version will still be available on next releases.

As always, feedback is welcome.

If you're interested on the why and how, I've created a page about the Qt port.

2020-03-21 - Code Browser 7.1 Released

This release fixes several issues related to GTK3 and add an "Open Folder" feature: it's possible to open a window on any folder without opening a project.

2020-02-17 - Code Browser 7.0 Released

Few major changes.

Unified View

The directories, files and sections of a project are not visible in a single hierarchy: when you open a project view (ALT+J), it opens a new window showing the directories, the files and also the sections in files.

Zoomable View

The zoomable view is now part of the official release.

Other Stuff

The keyboard navigation in the browser view is improved: Up/Down and Page Up/Down can go the previous or next sibling section.

The page view has been removed, it can not work with the integrated project view.


It is a major release but the v6 configuration files and scripts can be reused as is. It is a major release not because of major changes but rather because of the removal of the page view.

More releases should follow soon as the merge of folders and sections into a single hierarchy gave me new ideas: