A project in Code Browser is just a folder. This folder can contain an optional configuration file .project.cbc and an optional script file

By default, Code Browser starts with an empty project or reload the project of the previous session.

1. Viewing the Current Project

Use the View > Project command to show or to get the focus on the project window.

2. Opening a Project

Use the File > Open Project menu command or select one of the recent project in the File menu to open an existing project.

3. Adding a Folder to the Project

You can also add one or more folders by adding a folders in any configuration file. Usually it is added into .project.cbc. Each property of the element corresponds to a folder. The property name has no meaning.

def folders
    incl = /usr/include
    incl2 = /usr/local/include

4. Filtering files in the project

By default all file types are included in the project except hidden files or folders and few image formats. To exclude files, edit the exclusions global property, or override it in .project.cbc.