Folding Specific Features


Groups of lines can be folded into a section. See the Code Folding page for more information.


Links help navigation between files, they are a natural extension to sections: a link is an headline that references another section in the same or another text file.

Special comment lines

These comment lines are displayed with a different font and color in the text but without the comment markers. It gives the source code a literate programming look.

Multiple files, windows and panes

Several files can be loaded simultaneously, but in addition, several windows can be opened on the same file. This feature is very important with the folding system: It allows viewing or editing another part of your current file; you just have to reopen a new window on it.

Smalltalk style browser

The hierarchy of folded sections is displayed in lists above the text.

Tree browser

The hierarchy of folded sections is displayed in a tree view.

Other Features

Elastic Tabstops

Code Browser implements elastic tabstops as proposed by Nick Gravgaard.


Can load UTF-8 and UTF-16 files with or without signature (BOM).

Syntax highlighting


User definable syntax highlighting

Unlimited undo/redo

There is an unusual behavior here: when a text file is reloaded because it has been modified by an external application, the reload is incremental. It means that changes made by the other application can be undone from the editor.

Word wrapping

User defined tools

User defined shortcuts


Search and replace

The search and replace commands apply to a file, a directory, a folded section or the current selection. It can also follows links.

Regular expressions

Just the basic ones.