2016-02-08 - End of Experiments

The everything-in-a-window experiment was not conclusive. A more classical view with one window per file and docked dialogs works better.

This version comes back to the model of the version 5.3. It keeps only the close buttons on dialogs and the distinction between Back/Forward and Enter/Leave section.


Filename Description Windows binaries without installer The source code (zip format)

2015-11-02 - New Experimental Version

A new update of the experimental version is available. It fixes various bug and use a new layout: dialogs are displayed at the bottom of the window again. Output and Search result are resizables and other dialogs use the minimal required space.

The line type is no longer displayed in the margin but at the end of section and links as before. It's more logical and more intuitive.


Filename Description Windows binaries without installer The source code (zip format)

2015-08-19 - Experimental Version

I'm currently experimenting an alternative version where everything is available in a tab:

The Linux version is not available yet.

This is an experimentation and it is subject to change. Feedback is welcome.


Filename Description Windows binaries without installer The source code (zip format)

2015-03-21 - Hot fix

The linux x86-64 binaries was built using the latest Haswell instruction set, resulting an 'illegal instruction' on older processors. A new binary with generic x86-64 support is available.

2015-03-04 - Quick fix

The support of font kerning has introduced a regression leading to crashes when replacing text containing markers (bookmarks, error marks or search highlights). This release just fixes that.

2015-02-26 - Code Browser 5.2 Released

This release mainly fixes the Linux version, it was broken and barely usable: issues with focus, crashes with binary files, broken layouts, ...

2014-08-09 - Code Browser 5.1 Released

This release brings back links, add folding utilities (in optional packages) and fixes several bugs.

2014-08-04 - A Note about Links

As I've received comments from people disappointed with the removal of links, I'm explaining the reasons why I've removed them and how I'm going to restore the feature.



The navigation is broken because of links. I've never implemented it correctly: the back command is a mix of navigation through history and tree hierarchy. It is not consistent and can raise to unexpected behavior such as losing the root file of the current window.


Links add a lot of code at every level of the application (model, display, search, navigation, script, ...). More code means harder maintenance, especially when the program is written on an experimental programming language that is still evolving.

The inconsistencies in the navigation led to very complex code to locate sections with find, error reportings, ... (with links there can be more than one path to a section)

Development Process

Code Browser 5 is not exactly the successor of Code Browser 4.9 but a merge of it and an experimental editor where I've replaced the folding by a page/section model. It was interesting but not as flexible as the Code Browser's folding. So I've dropped it but I've used it as a code base for CB5 because the code was cleaner an had already the new features such as projects. It was too much work to reintegrate links.

What Next?

I'm planning to bring back links but in a more limited way:

This should keep the code reasonably simple and bug free.

2014-07-27 - Code Browser 5.0 Released

A new major version of Code Browser is available. More information here.

Before upgrading to this new version, check the changes as several important features have been removed, so you may want to stay with the version 4.

As freshmeat is dead, I've added a RSS page to send notifications when a new version is released.

2014-04-05 - Code Browser 4.9 Released

This release fixes a bug with CSS syntax highlighting, a bug with the relative indentation and the long standing bug on Windows preventing to open a file already open in write mode.