2014-04-05 - Code Browser 4.9 Released

This release fixes a bug with CSS syntax highlighting, a bug with the relative indentation and the long standing bug on Windows preventing to open a file already open in write mode.

2013-07-15 - Code Browser 4.8 Released

This release fixes only a syntax highlighting bug with multi-line comments and strings.

2013-07-15 - Code Browser 4.7 Released

Just a minor release with some bug fixes related to scripting and more script examples.

2013-01-27 - Code Browser 4.6 Released

This release fixes two more v4 regressions: the open dialog does not always open on Windows and the global 'Replace All' could miss occurrences.

But the main change is the scripting capability to automate tasks, run external programs, transform or mark text with scripts. See the documentation for more information.

The documentation can now be browsed on-line.

2012-12-09 - Scripting

I'm currently working on a new version with scripting capability. It will be possible to automate tasks, run external programs, transform or mark text with scripts. See the documentation for more information.

A beta version is available on the download page. The documentation is now on-line.

2012-11-12 - Code Browser 4.5 Released

Fixing more bugs.

2012-10-25 - Code Browser 4.4 Released

Just a release fixing several bugs.

2012-09-20 - Code Browser 4.3 Released

This release includes minor improvements such as a non modal dialog editor (no need to close the option editor to see the result). But the major change is the 64 bit version available on Linux.

Remarks on the 64 bit version:

2012-09-15 - Code Browser 4.2 Released

This release fixes minor bugs and brings the Linux version back. A binary package is available for download, so you don't have to build it from source anymore.

The Linux version works only on 32 bit x86 platforms. It should be possible to build Code Browser on other 32 bit architectures using the LLVM backend but I haven't tried it.

The Linux version has not been deeply tested and may have still bugs. You should keep the previous version: configurations files are in differents folders but rename the old binary (e.g. code-browser3).

2012-08-11 - Code Browser 4.1 Released

A new release with several bug fixes and the ability to load UTF-8 files without BOM markers based on language preferences.

2012-07-28 - Code Browser 4.0 Released

Code Browser 4.0 is now released.

First, the bad news: the first releases will be only available on Windows. The Linux/GTK+ version will come later.

Here is the list of major changes.

Multiple Fonts in Style

Each segment of texts (keywords, strings, comments, ...) can be bold, or use an alternate font.

But it works only when using proportional fonts.

All Lines Are Editable in Place

The title of folded sections and link is now regular text: it is easier to edit and it can be searched and replaced with iterative search.

A special symbol is displayed at the end of line to show the type of line. This feature is related to the previous change: it helps understanding where the folded section is and what will happen when a line is split or merged. This is more an option for beginners, experts can turn it off.

Quick New

CTRL+N and you've got a new empty buffer. No need to choose a filename anymore.

Quick Close and Read Only

Each tab has a close button and a small lock icon when the file is read-only.

Change the Language from the Menu

Quickly change the language. This feature is useful with new file and files with wrong or special extension.

Change the Theme from the Menu

Quickly change the theme.

The display scheme is no longer attached to the syntax, it can be changed independently.

Graphical Option Editor

There is now a graphical option editor.

Monospaced/Proportional Font Switch

Turn on/off the monospaced font from the menu.

Other Changes