2017-09-16 - Code Browser 6.3 Released

Some bug fixes.

2016-12-01 - Code Browser 6.2 Released

Lot of bug fixes, mostly Linux specific. Autodetection of UTF-8 files (without BOM and without locale to UTF-8).

2016-10-23 - Code Browser 6.1 Released

Few bug fixes.

2016-10-13 - Code Browser 6.0 Released

While this is a major new version, it does not introduce a lot of new features, it mainly restores features available in version 4.9 that were removed in version 5:


It is now possible to records a serie of commands and replay it.

Syntax Highlighting

Bold and italic styles can be used with fixed fonts.

HTML highlighting is improved, it is now able to highlight JavaScript, Java (JSP) and PHP in the same file.

There are more keywords to specify highlighting: identifier, type, constants, variables, ... instead of word1, word2, word3 word4. If you have defined custom themes or additional languages, you'll have to update it.


The Project feature has been simplified, it's now just a directory that can contain a specific option file .project.cbc and a specific script file Opening a project just means selecting a directory and it will automatically appear in the Project tree view. The directory can contain a specific option file containing for instance additional directories to include in the tree and project related user tools.

Incremental Search

The incremental search has been improved to highlight a bit better the current match and to show more clearly when there is no match.


The editor now works internally with UTF-16 on Windows and UTF-8 on Unix instead of UCS-2 on all platform. So it supports non-BMP Unicode characters and it makes it a bit faster on Linux as it saves encoding conversions with the GTK+ API.

And More...

The full list of changes is available here.